Earn Your Teaching License

Morel和 University offers you a flexible pathway to obtain a teaching license in one of three states (和 use reciprocity for the others!) 与in 9 months, or a Master’s of Education Degree in as fast as one year. No matter where you are in the U.S., you can achieve more 与 our educational graduate programs.



Affordable, flexible pathway to get teaching certification a Master's Degree



We offer an affordable, flexible pathway for people to get a US state teaching license, anywhere in the country or the world. Cohorts start every month, 和 the program takes only 9 months to complete! A rigorous teaching practicum is included in your final 12 weeks. Cohorts begin every single month, except December.


We offer an affordable, flexible pathway for people to get a Master’s in Education a US state teaching license, in as fast as 12 months! Choose from six specializations 与 our Master’s degree, 和 take your career forward! 加入米.Ed. cohorts at three specific points in the year.


For c和idates 与 at least two years of teaching experience, our cohort-based program will prepare you to become a Principal, 学校的负责人, Assistant Principal, or other administrative school leader. Includes a six-month internship in school administration. No GRE admission requirement!


需求 FOR 入学

TEACH-NOW® Teacher Preparation Certificate Program

Prospective c和idates must meet the following three requirements to be eligible for admission to the program:

  • Bachelor’s degree (或更高版本). A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is required. Official baccalaureate degree transcripts must be submitted by the end of Module 3, if not submitted at the point of admission. 看到 note below on official transcripts.

  • 3.0的绩点. We seek a GPA (Grade Point Average) of 3.0 or higher, or equivalent experience.

  • 写作样本 that demonstrates effective writing skills in English. We seek evidence of passion 和 enthusiasm for helping young people learn, 成长, 和 develop through project-based virtual 和/or physical classroom learning.

Master’s Degree Programs

For admission to our Master’s programs, we adhere to the same criteria as above, 与 the following addition:

  • Official documentation that an applicant possesses a Bachelor’s degree earned from an appropriately accredited institution is required at the point of admission. 看到 note below on official transcripts.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts are documents that are produced by a college or university's Office of the Registrar (or similar), 和 must be ordered according to the instructions provided by the university. Whether issued as secure .pdf文档, via a third party (such as National Student Clearinghouse, 或羊皮纸), or printed on blue tamper proof security paper, official transcripts are important to third parties so that they can be assured of authenticity (originating directly from the university) 和 content accuracy. Official transcripts are usually issued in portrait format, 和 contain the seal of the university 和 the signature of the University Registrar.

(For Non-US Baccalaureate Degrees) Transcript Evaluation 和 Translation

For those applicants to our Master’s programs, as well as c和idates seeking a teaching credential, please note that, as part of your application for a state-issued teaching credential, you will need to have your official baccalaureate degree transcript from non-U.S. institutions evaluated for educational equivalence by a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services  (NACES) member agency. 看到 www.南汽.org for a list of current NACES member agencies that can conduct a transcript evaluation 和/or provide translation services. We maintain a special agreement 与 WES (World Education Services); to use their service, please 点击这里. Please note: if you are applying to our 12-month Master’s programs or to our Add-On Master’s programs, a NACES-member course-by-course evaluation is required at the point of admission. You may also wish to download our Admissions Policy 和 Procedures.